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Our top priority is to help keep our community healthy. We have suspended all new reservations for May 1 to July 31, 2020. You may reserve for dates Aug 1 through Sep 30. Please see the Parks Website for updated information.

Camping Seasons

Barton Park

East Primitive Tent: May 1 - Oct 31

East RV: May 1 - Nov 14

West: May 1 - Sep 30

Feyrer Park

May 1 - Sept. 30

Metzler Park

May 1 - Sept. 30

Frequently Asked Questions!

How is COVID-19 affecting park reservations? How do I Cancel or Change a Reservation? Is alcohol allowed in Clackamas County Parks? Where can I purchase an Annual Parking Pass? What activities require an Activity Permit? How can I get the Disabled Veteran discount? Are RV Dump Stations open to the public? Do you have a Lost & Found? I received a parking citation. What do I do? What does "Awaiting Payment" mean?